Joey Vitale

Internationally renowned speaker, award-winning attorney, and business growth consultant

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Joey Vitale

Internationally renowned speaker, award-winning attorney, and business growth consultant

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The Business Growth Advantage: 

How to Escape the Grind, Hire All-Star VAs, and Cut Your Work Week in Half.

What if you could spend way less time in your business WHILE helping way more people? This exciting and interactive presentation is for those ready to achieve a whole new level of freedom, income, and impact.

You Are Hereby Ordered to Cease & Desist:

How to Legally Call Dibs on Your Brand So You Don't Lose it Overnight

Did you know that without trademarks, you have ZERO rights to your brand? It’s true. If you don’t have your trademarks secured, you risk losing your brand overnight. After helping thousands of entrepreneurs on the legal side, attorney Joey Vitale is handing over his exact, step-by-step method for calling dibs on your trademarks so you NEVER have to worry about rebranding.

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"Joey is my go-to recommendation for trademarks & virtual team strategies. His super power is taking important concepts and breaking them down so you can easily understand and take action."

Jessica Rasdall, Public Speaking Strategist


About Joey 

Joey Vitale is an internationally renowned speaker, award-winning attorney, and business growth consultant. He has spoken to tens of thousands of people across the world. Joey has worked with influential brands like Cultivate Advisors, Honeybook, Maximum Lawyer, and The Futur.

As a trusted business growth consultant and trademark attorney, Joey helps business owners protect their brands as they work less and make more. He's on a mission to help entrepreneurs sleep better at night as they scale to 7 figures and 20 hour work weeks.

Joey has coauthored the best-selling book: Tiger Tactics CEO Edition: Going from Zero to Law Firm CEO. If you'd like, signed copies of this book can be made available for your event for all the attendees.

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Tiger Tactics CEO Edition: Going from Zero to Law Firm CEO 

Dive deep into the minds of 13 of the nation’s most influential law firm CEOs. Attorney Joey Vitale and the other co-authors have not only thrived as law firm CEOs but have also distilled their vast experiences into essential insights for you.

Available on Amazon
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Joey can help your audience with ...

Trademarks & Legal

If they want to stay legally protected as they grow and scale.

Systems & Processes

If they want their business to run on autopilot so that they can have more freedom.

Team & Leadership

If they want to hire virtual assistants to cut their work week in half.

"Joey can captivate any room with his insights and powerful strategies on how to be a high-performing CEO. I would highly recommend Joey for speaking events, trademarks, and virtual teams."

Tracy Goodwin

You may know Joey from ...

"Joey genuinely cares about you and your success! He's an engaging speaker who makes topics like trademarks and business growth easy to grasp."

Shafonne Myers, Business Coach



"Never thought I would be this entertained and inspired walking out of a presentation - JOEY is excellent!"

"Joey is a breath of fresh air in the industry. You are going to be pleasantly surprised!"

"His passion to empower entrepreneurs with the insights and info they need to truly OWN their brand is undeniable."

"Joey is the go-to guy for scaling your business!"

"I have known Joey for years. He is sincere, thoughtful, loyal, and kind. He has honed his expertise as a business owner and now teaches others about brand building and business success."

"I've been to dozens of conferences. Joey's presentation was the best I've ever seen."

"Joey, you are just what I needed!"


100+ 5-Star Podcast Reviews 

In addition to being featured on many podcasts and conference lineups, Joey is also the host of his own chart-topping podcast, The Business Growth Advantage. Click here to check it out.

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