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"I’ve literally doubled my business and my speaking events — because I finally got myself out of all the hustle work. Skybreaker is a game changer!"

~ Shafonne Myers, Brand & Business Growth Strategist ~

It's Time to Escape the Grind.


Are you spending all of your time working IN your business with little to no time to work ON it

I'm Joey Vitale, the CEO of Skybreaker. And if you’re like most of the entrepreneurs we talk to, then you probably feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and anxious when it comes to your business. 

At Skybreaker, we help entrepreneurs make more and work less by building a profitable team that cuts your work week in half.

Because the truth is that the MORE your business depends on YOU, the LESS your business can grow.

And if you don’t solve this, you will never achieve the freedom and impact you desire—which inspired you to start your business in the first place! You’ll never be able to take extended time off, much less enjoy a dream vacation, without being tied to your laptop.

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Consider Skybreaker™ your secret weapon for cutting your work week in half. Whether you're looking for help hiring trustworthy overseas teammates, elevating yourself out of the day-to-day, or building a plan for sustainable growth, we got you.

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Here's What People Are Saying:

David Nathan

"Joey is a phenomenal VA resource. Highly recommend."

Ashley Monk

"Wow. This process for finding and hiring VAs is next-level. Love it."

Moshe Amsel

"I feel like I got every single ounce of value that I could have possibly expected from my investment."

Randa Prendergast

"Skybreaker has been such an asset to my business! The value inside these programs have been superb."

Bob Burg

"Skybreaker ROCKS! Joey brings immense value to others by helping business owners build their virtual dream teams."

Elizabeth Henson

"I am finally out of the weeds of my business — all thanks to Skybreaker!"


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✅ Prioritize what to tackle first as you escape the entrepreneur grind 

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