How to Delegate SOP Creation to a Virtual Assistant

Mar 26, 2024

Having clear rules on how to do tasks in your business is super important. These rules, called Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), help make sure everyone does tasks the right way every time. But let’s be honest, making these rules can be a big headache. What if you could get some help with this? That’s where Virtual Assistants (VAs) come in handy. They can take on the task of making these SOPs, saving you a ton of time and effort. Here’s how you can do it.

Starting Out: Choosing the Right Tasks

First, figure out which tasks you should give to a VA. Go for tasks that are done over and over again, like entering data, planning schedules, or simple ways of talking to clients. These tasks are perfect because they're straightforward but still take up a lot of your time. By picking tasks that are easy to explain but eat up your day, you set the stage for better efficiency.

A Smart Move: Letting VAs Create SOPs

Next up, think about actually getting your VA to make these SOPs. This means they won’t just do the tasks; they’ll also write down how to do them step by step. This way, you get a playbook for your business that anyone can follow, making it easier to train new team members or make sure things stay consistent.

Don’t Clean Up Before the Cleanup

One mistake to avoid is trying to make everything perfect before handing it over to your VA. It’s like tidying up your house before the cleaning service comes over – it doesn’t really make sense. The whole point is to save you time, including the time you’d spend organizing everything. Let your VA see the real process, mess and all, so they can write an SOP that matches how things actually get done.

Using Video for Clarity

The easiest way to explain a task to your VA? Make a video of you doing it. Talk through what you’re doing as you go. This gives your VA a clear idea of what needs to happen, and they can write up the steps just by watching. This method is straightforward and makes sure nothing gets lost in translation.

Feedback and Keeping Things Up-to-Date

Finally, it’s important to keep the lines of communication open with your VA. After they’ve made an SOP, go through it and give feedback. This helps them get better at making SOPs that fit your needs. Plus, businesses change over time – maybe you start using new software or change how you do something. That means you’ll need to update your SOPs now and then. A regular check to make sure everything’s still accurate will keep your operations running smoothly.

In short, using VAs to help with SOPs is a smart move for any business. It’s a straightforward way to save time, make sure tasks are done right, and even train new people more easily. By choosing the right tasks, skipping the pre-clean, using videos, and giving feedback, you set up a system that keeps your business running like a well-oiled machine.

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