Episode 102: How To Build A Selling Machine That Lands You Dream Clients with Shawn Quintero

business entrepreneur podcast Nov 23, 2022


My bud, Shawn Quintero, a High Ticket Sales, and Leadership Coach, joins The Business Growth Advantage this week!

Shawn (known as ShawnQ) is a sales and leadership coach who specializes in helping experts easily attract and connect with high-paying dream clients so you can have more fun and grow your business without the ick, sleaze and sales tricks of the past.

After landing loads of $50k+ clients, he developed his signature "Heck Yes! Sales" method. It combines his conversational expertise, talent for deeply connecting with the affluent and influential, and years of experience as a coach and mentor.

ShawnQ is the host of the Heck Yes! Podcast, speaks at summits, conferences, and panels, and has been featured across the globe as a leading expert in high-ticket sales.

If you want to know how to build a selling machine that lands you dream clients then you won’t want to miss this episode!

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Show Notes
00:48 - This Week on the Business Growth Advantage
05:02 - The Power of One
07:20 -  The 10 51 Process
12:57 - The Difference of Marketing and Sales
22:06 -  Being Visibility Intensive
28:15 - Actual sales and Commitment Stage
30:05 - The Transition
41:03 - Consistency beats Intensity
51:45 - The Abundance Now Challenge


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