Episode 112: How to Build Wealth Through Systems and Automation (And How They Impact Your Growing Team!)

business entrepreneurship podcast Feb 21, 2023


My bud, Ruheene Jaura, Founder & CEO of Buttr CRM, an all-in-one marketing platform that helps Online Coaches and Creative Entrepreneurs, joins The Business Growth Advantage show!

Ruheene has a design background that spans over 20 years and covers multiple disciplines, including architecture, visual effects for film to commercial production, photography, video production, user experience, web design and social media marketing. In addition to her extensive background in the creative arts industry she is also a certified NLP Practitioner & Hypnotherapist.
Her primary focus is on empowering business owners to be in control of their productivity, time management & marketing ROI.

This busy mom of two understands the need for practical but effective marketing solutions. She works hard to give entrepreneurs an affordable way to run their businesses like bosses without needing expensive resources or cutting sleeping hours out of their schedule.

Want to start building wealth and a sustainable team? Don't miss this incredible opportunity to learn from the top expert in her field.

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Show Notes

00:48 - This Week on the Business Growth Advantage
04:30 - Difference between Systems and Automations
10:22 - Leaning into Systems and Automation
14:25 - Offers and Results
17:58 - Tools on Creating Content


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