Episode 114:Uniting Leadership and Finance for Success with Terrell Turner

business entrepreneur podcast Mar 17, 2023
Leadership and Finance


My bud, Terrell Turner, CEO of TLTurner Group and host of Law Firm & Finance Podcast, joins The Business Growth Advantage show.

Terrell is dedicated to helping businesses succeed and thrive in the ever-changing world of business. Also the host of Business Talk Library show, which examines a wide range of problems and solutions affecting business today. He draws on years of experience from Fortune 500 companies to find solutions for entrepreneurs and mid-sized firms alike.

Through customized consultations, Terrell provides insight into your organization's goals and outlines an action plan tailored specifically for you to reach those objectives effectively.

Join us to another episode of The Business Growth Advantage show as we explore the powerful combination of leadership and finance for success with our featured guest. Be inspired by his invaluable insights to help you take your business to greater heights!

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Show Notes

01:14 - Discussed about the two topics: Business and Finance

06:23 - Terrell started his own Business

11:11 - He created a podcast

21:22 - Insight for Business Owners

27:20 - Dashboard for the Financial Metrics

33:11 - Business requires a system

35:16 - Terrell final words of wisdom


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