Episode 115 - Mastering Business Principles The Key to Scaling Your Business

business ceo leadership Mar 30, 2023
Key to scaling your business


My bud, Jordache Johnson, CEO and Founder of Jordache Johnson Brand, joins The Business Growth Advantage show.

Jordache is a renowned business consultant, international speaker and digital growth strategist who helps impact-driven entrepreneurs and CEOs scale their business by increasing their visibility, impact, and revenue through meaningful connections, innovative technologies, and principle-based systems.
His proven framework, The FRIENDS Method™, combines Jordache's extensive experience as a growth strategist, business coach, and mentor with his expertise in building relationships and utilizing technology to drive growth.

Jordache is also passionate about bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and Web3. He runs the Web3 Bridge (W3B) Community, a community where entrepreneurs can learn the pillars of the Web3 Universe.

Don't miss your chance to take advantage of this remarkable learning opportunity if you want to learn how to master essential business principles so you can unleash your potential and scale up your success!

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Show Notes

01:17 -  Skill Set, framework and principles

03:49 -  Business in simplicity and systems

05:22 -  Building authentic relationships with customers

12:00 -  Getting their attention

20:58 -  The 51/49 rule

25:20 -  Connect and Collaborate

35:09 -  It started with a simple conversation - An Experience

37:05 -  Keep nurturing the relationship

40:01 -  Application for Power Partner Playbook



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