Episode 124 - Delegating for Success: The Art of Letting Go and Hiring VAs

build a high performance culture ceo delegating success leadership secret virtual assistant virtual teams Jul 20, 2023
Hiring VA's

My bud, John Hilton, Founder of Terra Bella Law Group joined The Business Growth Advantage show!

After 25 years in the healthcare industry, where he worked as a flight paramedic, educator, and hospital executive, he decided to serve his community as an attorney.

As the father of an adult child with Autism, he discovered the power of planning for families of individuals with special needs, and focus his practice on serving this community in particular. Although he has been serving primarily families in southern Arizona, he is in the process of expanding his practice into other states as a virtual law firm, still focusing on serving even a broader community of special needs families.

John’s passion is helping other families of children with special needs, and he understands that, like him, these families are also business owners and parents of neurotypical children, and they are concerned about their own futures as well as that of their children.

Join us on another episode of The Business Growth Advantage show as we explore John’s unwavering commitment to improving the lives of families with special needs and be inspired by his invaluable insights on how letting go and hiring VA's can help you take your business to greater heights!

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Show Notes

01:48 - John discovered special needs planning, which brought immense relief and opportunities for families

02:51 - He shares how he shifted his practice to focus on helping families with children with special needs.

10:42 - John discovered Joey's VA program that felt more comfortable for him and he decided to give it a try.

11:38 - The Virtual Assistant Hiring Process

11:59 - 90-day training period in the VA program helped ease his fear of delegating tasks.

15:03 - The VAs have quickly developed competency, proficiency, and are moving towards mastery in their roles.

19:37 - Creating a strong foundation and system so the firm can expand to cover the entire state

33:49 - The importance of developing trust and inspiring the team rather than command and control.


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