Episode 58: Best Of: What Matters Most to Grow Your Firm with Melissa Shanahan

business growth entrepreneurship leadership legal tips podcast Sep 07, 2021


This week, I join Melissa Shanahan on the first episode of Velocity Work live! We talk about how I'm working less than 5 client hours a month, how I love Zelda, discover how my business works and the lessons I've learned along the way.

Show Notes

01:51 - Joey and Melissa in Velocity Work's first episode
05:15 - Getting to know more about Joey
11:56 - When things doesn't go according to plan
14:32 - Think like Link (from The Legend of Zelda series)
18:18 - Facts not feelings
28:22 - Set the expectation
30:53 - Asking clarifying questions
37:28 - Business feels less fulfilling
43:32 - You made it, now what
47:57 - Setting the bar too low
51:35 - Do I really need to invest in my business
58:05 - The "you cannot afford not to do this" statement
1:01:10 - The wee things

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