Episode 62: Slaying Invisible Dragons Where to Start with Personal Development with Danya Douglas Hunt

business business growth entrepreneurship podcast Oct 12, 2021


Danya Douglas Hunt, joins The Business Growth Advantage show!

She is one of the most accomplished, talented and driven people I know and her diverse experiences in athletics and business have made her an expert on personal development. I am BEYOND stoked to have her on the show!

Do not miss her amazing-ness and all of the priceless nuggets I know she’ll have for you guys!!

Meet our Guest Expert - Danya Douglas Hunt

Danya is a former Olympic Athletic Therapist & Strength and Conditioning coach turned multi-passionate entrepreneur. Her resume is one for the books! Danya is certified in:

• Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Practitioner - NLP)
• Life + Success Coach and TIME Techniques™ (Practitioner)
• Clinical Hypnotherapist and Emotional Freedom Techniques (facilitator - EFT).

She has spoken on the Tribe Live stage in front of over a thousand attendees and has been featured on multiple TV platforms such as MSN, NBC, as well as other media platforms including Apple & Spotify podcasts, AppleTV, Roku, and Amazon Fire.

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Show Notes
00:47 - This week on the Business Growth Advantage
02:01 - Say hello to Danya!
03:13 - What are these dragons
05:05 - We are not the voices in our heads
07:55 - Our brain is wired to keep us safe
11:13 - Shifting your perspective
13:56 - How many invisible dragons are there
20:33 - Slaying these dragons
23:06 - Words are the language of the brain
28:01 - Mindset Mastery Workshop
31:43 - Neurons that fire together, wire together
34:24 - Link to Facebook video
36:28 - FREE Trademark Masterclass
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