Episode 65: How to Make the Right Decisions For Your Biz with Jordan Ostroff

business business growth business owner entrepreneurship leadership podcast Nov 23, 2021


My bud, Jordan Ostroff, joins The Business Growth Advantage show, this week!

On this next episode, we’ll be chat about how to make solid foundational decisions for your biz so that every other decision thereafter isn’t so scary… Believe me, you don’t want to miss this!

Meet our Guest Expert - Jordan Ostroff

Jordan is the founder of LegalEase, a legal, marketing agency composed of successful law firm managers and savvy digital marketing specialists working to help law firms succeed in the long game.

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Show Notes

00:47 - This week on The Business Growth Advantage
02:37 - Say hello to Jordan!
04:38 - Ask yourself these 3 questions
07:31 - Progress not Perfection
08:37 - Being authentic, being you
12:18 - Dress for the client, not for the profession
15:54 - Marketing 101
23:40 - Finding your ideal client
28:59 - Marketing is an art, its not science
35:52 - A marketing strategy that suits you and your ideal client
38:39 - How to get in touch with Jordan
41:35 - Being a thought leader or an influencer
45:34 - Thoughts vs dinner photos
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