Episode 77: How to Use a Book to Build Credibility with Kim Thompson-Pinder

book business growth entrepreneur legal tips podcast trademark Apr 26, 2022


My bud, Kim Thompson-Pinder, joins The Business Growth Advantage Show!

Kim is the Chief Visionary Officer of RTI Publishing and has helped over 200 entrepreneurs to become authors and authorities.

Kim also loves to share with others her journey to success and help others to become better entrepreneurs.

So if you feel like fear is stopping you from reaching the success that you want then you do not want to miss this episode.

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Show Notes

00:47 - This week on the Business Growth Advantage
02:01 - Meet my guest, Kim Thompson-Pinder
08:36 - How Kim started out writing her book
09:59 - Network Marketing, the first book written
14:25 - Different approaches to writing a book
18:11 - Author to Authority
18:57 - When should you work on marketing your book?
21:30 - Where do you recommend people start first in writing?
24:22 - How to boost book sales
27.26 - Should you give away PDF versions or physical copies?
40:38 - 60-minute discovery call with Kim
40:56 - Link to Facebook Video
41:26 - Join our new Facebook group, The Business Growth Advantage


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