Episode 79: How to Transform Your Team into Leaders and Become Exceptional with Maralyn Bellin

book business growth entrepreneur legal tips podcast trademark May 03, 2022


My bud, Maralyn Bellin, joins The Business Growth Advantage Show!

Maralyn Bellin is a nationally renowned speaker and sought-after consultant. She has spoken to hundreds of groups and individually worked with over 1000 people from diverse backgrounds in multiple industries across the US.

She works with top leaders to help them lead through fire to develop exceptional sales stars, gain immediate profit, and have influence beyond measure. She holds a Master of Project Management (MPM) degree and is a Certified Graduate of CoachU, the most influential training program in the world.

Her professionalism and positive attitude have consistently marked her work with her clients and colleagues.

So if you want to learn how to become the leader you've always wanted to be or you are seeking that next level of personal growth, enhancing all areas of your life then you do not want to miss this episode.

 Show Notes

00:47 - This week on the Business Growth Advantage
01:24 - Say hello to Maralyn!
04:10 - Symptoms Versus Deep Core Problems
09:04 - Taking the Leap in your First Team
11:32 - Lead Through Fire
14:14 - Your Direction as a Lawyer
16:16 - Stepping into Being a Good Leader
20:43 - A Culture That Your Team Will Be comfortable At
24;41 - Tips to Create Your Meeting Structure
28:02 - Foundational Element to Leadership
30:31 - New Phase of The Business Growth Advantage
32:10 - Join our new Facebook group, The Business Growth Advantage


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