Episode 80: Secrets to Launching a Profitable Podcast for your Business with Courtney Elmer

business growth entrepreneur legal tips podcast trademark May 17, 2022


My bud, Courtney Elmer, joins The Business Growth Advantage show, this week!

A corporate-escapee, cancer survivor, and host of the globally ranked podcast Systems Made Simple™, Courtney’s expertise on business systems and podcasting has been sought by leaders and teams for Forbes, Business News Daily, PopSugar, Buzzfeed, and dozens more.

Through her podcast and online programs, she teaches online business owners how to streamline their business systems, lead their teams to greatness, leverage their message through podcasting, and thrive in their zone of genius as the visionary leader of their company.

Don't forget to tune into our live show with Courtney Elmer if you want to know the secrets on how you can start generating a steady stream leads and sales on auto-pilot with a podcast.

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Show Notes

00:46 - This week on the Business Growth Advantage
01:20 - Meet my guest, Courtney Elmer

06:18 - Development of Podcasts from Two years ago
10:13 - What To Do If Your Business is Relying on Referrals?
16:45 - Insider Secrets of Courtney
27:12 - The Successful Launch
31:45 - Calls to Action a Podcast
35:14 - Helping Other People with their Podcasts
40:26 - Courtney's Podcasts
41:39 - Link to Facebook Video
42:02 - Join our new Facebook group, The Business Growth Advantage


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