Episode 47: Get Organized and Maximize Productivity with Courtney Lazar

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Courtney Lazar, joins us live for our The Owning It Podcast!

We’ll discuss how to:
💥 Maximize productivity
💥 Effectively organize your biz
💥 Build and train a team that helps support and maintain your biz goals
Courtney changed the way I looked at work tasks and empowered me to become EFFECTIVE in my work, not just BUSY at it.

Meet our Guest Expert - Courtney Lazar

This week on Owning It, we have Courtney Lazar (a couple of weeks ago it was Courtney Davis).

She's my go to expert for productivity and organization in my businesses 🎉

We talked about how she started being in love with systems, what best practices they use in their own business, what project management tool they use and so much more.

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Show Notes
00:53 - This week in Owning It
03:03 - How it all started for Courtney
07:24 - Having an OBM, Integrator, Ops Manager in your business
09:27 - The paralysis analysis
12:44 - The shiny object syndrome
13:51 - Using the system you built
15:52 - Doing something so many times it becomes a habit
18:09 - When emotion drives your decision making
22:40 - Learning how to say "No"
24:36 - Using Click Up as your project management tool

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