Episode 50: How to Build and Grow a Community with Bryan Kramer

building a community business growth entrepreneurship owning it registered trademark trademarks Jul 06, 2021


Bryan Kramer joins us live for The Owning It Podcast!
We talk about how to humanize the business experience and connect with others, how H2H started, and what it's like to build a community

Meet our Guest Expert - Bryan Kramer

This week on Owning It, we have Bryan Kramer talk about  his experience being burned out, share some of his insights on building a community and so much more!

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Show Notes

00:55 - This week on Owning It
02:31 - The story of H2H
09:06 - How Bryan started working with coaches and entrepreneurs
15:15 - Making a SHIFT happen
18:29 - Being more social on social media
22:15 - Increasing your engagement
23:40 - Biggest mistakes when building a community
26:38 - Creating a sense of community on Instagram
29:08 - The importance of having a coach
33:18 - The H2H Growth Accelerator
39:39 - Boiling a cup of coffee
42:17 - Link to Facebook Video
42:46 - FREE Trademark Masterclass
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